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stone sphere fountain 

Worlds morden water feature –Stone sphere fountain –We are manufacturer of Granite sphere fountain 10 cm to 200 cm sphere diameter.

It makes a eye catching addition to any garden, big or small,science city or shopping mall throughout the year.See photos of sphere fountain in this page.

What is Sphere fountain?

This fountain is a 12 inch solid granite sphere diameter to 120 inch large granite solid sphere diameter floats on thin film of water.

Even though the ball weighs a 30 KG to 30000 KG, even a small
child can change the course of it and send it into an accelerated spin. There are no belts, pulleys or wheels used to make the ball spin. It is floating on water.

How Granite floating ball fountain Made?
The sphere/ball made two key elements: the ball itself and the base it sits in. Cutting these two is a very complicated process as any large differences between the contours of them will prevent the ball from turning properly or sitting in the socket. The two pieces are machined at the same time to ensure any differences between them are minute.When finished and the ball is placed in the socket, the
space between the two will be less than the thickness of a business card.


How Ball fountain works?
See if you can spin half a ton of granite!
What happens: You can spin the granite ball because it is floating
on water. The water pressure is only about 3 pounds per square inch
in the gap between the ball and the cup. There are enough square
inches for this pressure to hold up to 1200 pounds of granite!
Water is pumped up from beneath the socket. This lubricates the sphere and puts pressure on it, forcing it to turn
gently. Once the ball has begun to revolve, it will continue to do so until the water is shut off.. The pressure of the pump in this exhibit
is very very low, at 3 pounds per square inch (psi). Other large spheres operate at higher pressures, between 14 and 21 psi. This is in
comparison to, for example, tyre pressure, which can be between 26 and 34 psi

Stone Sphere Fountain Available in inches

16″ | 18″ | 20″ | 24″ | 30″ | 36″ | 40″ | 48″ | 60″ | 72″ | 84″ | 96″ inch

in cm and mm messurment

150mm=6.0″ | 200mm/20cm=8.0″ | 300mm/30cm=12.0″ | 400mm/40cm=16.0″ | 500mm/50cm=20″ | 600mm/60cm=24″ | 700mm/70cm=28″ | 800mm/80cm=32″ | 900mm/90cm=36″ | 1000mm/100cm=40″ | 1200mm/120cm=48″ | 1500mm/150cm=60″ inch | 1800mm/180cm=96″inch | 2000mm/200cm=80″inch

 in feet messurement 

1 feet, 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet diameter.

Operation and maintenance

Sphere fountain is maintenance free fountain because sphere and base made from hard natural stone rock.Sphere floats on thin film of water no weer and tear between sphere and base stone.It is life time water feature in your garden.


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